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hunting for yield

Hunting For Yield (Banks Are Terrified)

It’s no secret that inflation, high cost of living, and government debt are all major issues. Nearly every country in the entire world is struggling to keep their currency strong, their citizens happy, and their country’s budget solvent. With an…

3 countries pendulum swings

For These 3 Countries, The Pendulum Swings

Over the next several years, we are going to see an enormous amount of change around the world. Financial structures, economic relations, cultural priorities, and everything in between are going to be massively disrupted. Much of this change will be…

ai powered investor

AI Powered Investing: Another Reason to Not Invest in Stocks

Over the years, I have written multiple times about how the odds are against individual investors in the stock market. Other than the Warren Buffett strategy of buying and holding for an extended amount of time, most small investors lose…

The Platinum Survival Plan

Platinum Preservation Plan

Before we jump into the platinum preservation plan, I want to take a quick snapshot of our world… Spring of 2022 will be an interesting time period to look back on. Right now, we’re not able to get the whole…

animal spirits

Animal Spirits Prepare to Roar

“Animal Spirits” must be the most ridiculous investment term in the world of finance. Of course, just like any phrase in the investment world, the definition of Animal Spirits is fancy and over-the-top. I have found that to be a…

Playground Closed, House Open

Playground Closed, House Open

“Viwus,” she asked?  “Yeah, a virus is something that makes people sick. And if sick people touch other people or things, then the virus can spread. So, it’s best to avoid people and places that might have the virus,” I…

Tomorrow is Yesterday, So Wait A While

Tomorrow is Yesterday, So Wait A While

There’s a lot of problems with writing things on the internet. First of all, it’s just risky in general. Not only are you exposing your level of (or lack of) intelligence, but you also make people believe that you are…

Helicopter Money - How To Catch It

Helicopter Money – How To Catch It

DISCLAIMER: You should read this first. ___ “Let us suppose now that one day a helicopter flies over this community and drops an additional $1,000 in bills from the sky, which is, of course, hastily collected by members of the community….

Gambling in the Stock Market

Gambling in the Stock Market

On the gambling spectrum, I’d put our lives on one end, while betting on whether a coin lands on heads or tails on the other. Pretty much everything in our lives is a bet, with the only difference being the…

Cannabis, Psychedelics, Idealists, and Capitalists

Cannabis, Psychedelics, Idealists, and Capitalists

“When will our table be ready?” I asked. “We’re waiting for a party to finish up. It shouldn’t take more than another thirty minutes,” the hostess replied. I looked at her surprised, “Thirty minutes more minutes? Our reservations were for…