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Cheap, Hated, and High Yield

Cheap, Hated, and High Yield

We are probably witnessing one of the more epic run-ups in stock market history. Although we’ll only know the next chapter of this AI-fueled rally in the future, there are currently some incredible hidden opportunities that are being completely ignored….

Beaten Paths Yield Average Returns

Beaten Paths Yield Average Returns

I’m planning our Explorer Partnership (E/P) trip to Guyana right now and it’s turning out to be a huge pain in the ass. Of all the places we’ve traveled to in the past, this trip may be the most difficult……

Going Where Others Won't

Going Where Others Won’t

As a kid, I used to love studying maps. My dad gave me a huge National Geographic map book that I would stare at for hours, remembering each country and all of its weird sounding cities. I’d look at topography…

uranium profits

Uranium Profits Return, Finally

Over six years ago, I nailed the bottom in uranium prices. I say that half jokingly, but I’m also serious – I wrote about how uranium was one of the lowest risk investments in February of 2017: Uranium is literally…

hard steps pay off

Taking Action is the Hardest Part – Panama to Crypto

I went to the bank 7 times in one week when I was buying my first property in Panama. This was 2012~ish, just after FATCA laws came into place. The whole process is different now, but not by much. The…

Guyana Just Got Interesting

Guyana Just Got Interesting

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been planning a trip to Guyana with a group of fellow investors and explorers. I’m still pushing ahead with everything, but the conditions have changed, significantly… To give you some background, I first wrote…

Florida Man Make Over

Florida Man Make Over – Now He’s Rich

You likely know all about Florida Man, but if you’ve never heard of him let me give you a quick introduction… “Florida Man” is the unofficial mascot of the State of Florida. He’s not a single person, but rather an…

3 countries pendulum swings

For These 3 Countries, The Pendulum Swings

Over the next several years, we are going to see an enormous amount of change around the world. Financial structures, economic relations, cultural priorities, and everything in between are going to be massively disrupted. Much of this change will be…

Let Urine Be Your Investment Guide

“You get used to it after a little while – the smell of pee,” she said. “It just doesn’t bother me anymore.” This is what my friend’s sister told me last week. She lives in San Francisco, and apparently she…

Guyana delivers

Guyana Delivers, and There’s More to Come

In August of 2019, I wrote about how the country of Guyana was on the verge of massive transformation. Although there was no pure play way to invest in this opportunity, my timing was pretty good: Since 2019, Guyana’s GDP…