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Felipe - Get a Mentor

Learning From a Legend – Get a Mentor!

In 2016, I was shocked when I received an email from a surfer named Felipe Pomar. He had messaged me in response to an article I had written about investing in international beachfront real estate. If you’ve been reading my…

hard steps pay off

Taking Action is the Hardest Part – Panama to Crypto

I went to the bank 7 times in one week when I was buying my first property in Panama. This was 2012~ish, just after FATCA laws came into place. The whole process is different now, but not by much. The…

Government’s Butterfly Effect – Naked in the Graveyard

Just as I turned the corner of the small building on the fishing pier, I saw a woman holding a gun to a man’s face. She didn’t see me, and I wanted nothing to do with her, as I turned…

Putting Yourself Out There

I have dozens of embarrassing articles posted all over the internet. I have no idea how to remove them, edit them, or pretend they don’t exist… they all seem to come back and haunt me when I least expect. I’ve…

Controversial Investing Trends

Four Controversial Investing Trends That Will Change The World

“By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.” – Paul Krugman, 1998 Ironically, the Internet is now full of these kinds of quotes, which highlight…

Catching The Wave To Acquisition

Catching The Wave To Acquisition

As many of you know, I am an avid surfer who often plans business, travel, and events around locations where I might be able to get come great waves. That said, it pains me to make the analogy of ‘Catching…

Scarcity Mindset Investing

Scarcity Mindset Investing

Last week, I was in Hong Kong to give a presentation about investing and building companies in the cannabis industry. The majority of the people that I spoke with had no clue about the traction that the market has gotten….

Pro-Aging Trance

Breaking Out of the Pro-Aging Trance

“The impulsion to leap to embarrassingly unjustified conclusions in order to put the horror of aging out of one’s mind.” That’s what Aubrey de Grey has to say about why humans become obsessed with relatively meaningless tasks throughout our lives…