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Patient Buyer's Dream Scenario

Patient Buyer’s Dream Scenario

In 2022 I wrote about how my neighbor, who’s a public school teacher, made a million bucks in two years. He timed the market perfectly, bought in the ideal location, and made his graceful exit with impeccable timing. Since his…

hunting for yield

Hunting For Yield (Banks Are Terrified)

It’s no secret that inflation, high cost of living, and government debt are all major issues. Nearly every country in the entire world is struggling to keep their currency strong, their citizens happy, and their country’s budget solvent. With an…

bomb shelters and gold

Bomb Shelters and Gold, or Cash?

My friend David and I used to play in his grandfather’s bomb shelter everyday after school. We had no clue what it was originally built for, and frankly, never gave a second thought to why it even existed. David’s grandfather,…

road to the hinterland

Road to the Hinterland

In the hinterland of Guyana, on the Rupununi savannah, lies the Dadanawa Ranch. In its heyday, during the early 1900’s, it was the largest ranch in the world with thousands of heads of cattle. While the exact size of the…

crypto is a transition

Crypto is a Transition, Not an Investment

Crypto is the only topic that is more taboo than politics or religion. You can discuss church or the latest political event with your friends and family, even though it may come with some raised eyebrows and finger pointing. However,…

Notes From Guyana

Notes From Guyana

“This is the wildest place I’ve ever done business,” he yelled. “And that’s saying something coming from me. I’ve been in the oil industry for 40 years all across Africa, Russia, and the Middle East.” In the background, Afro-Latin music…

threat of bitcoin

The Threat of Bitcoin

Last night, at dinner, I overheard the wildest conversation of my life. I’m going to tell you what I heard, but I can’t say exactly where it happened. As you’ll see, there are reasons why I shouldn’t be sharing this……

Cheap, Hated, and High Yield

Cheap, Hated, and High Yield

We are probably witnessing one of the more epic run-ups in stock market history. Although we’ll only know the next chapter of this AI-fueled rally in the future, there are currently some incredible hidden opportunities that are being completely ignored….

Felipe - Get a Mentor

Learning From a Legend – Get a Mentor!

In 2016, I was shocked when I received an email from a surfer named Felipe Pomar. He had messaged me in response to an article I had written about investing in international beachfront real estate. If you’ve been reading my…

Beaten Paths Yield Average Returns

Beaten Paths Yield Average Returns

I’m planning our Explorer Partnership (E/P) trip to Guyana right now and it’s turning out to be a huge pain in the ass. Of all the places we’ve traveled to in the past, this trip may be the most difficult……

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