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whispers from shipping

Whispers From Shipping (Listen Closely)

I just found out about some shocking information in the shipping industry. The bad news is that this information could significantly hurt our economy. The good news is that I found a couple different ways to invest in this upcoming…

Patient Buyer's Dream Scenario

Patient Buyer’s Dream Scenario

In 2022 I wrote about how my neighbor, who’s a public school teacher, made a million bucks in two years. He timed the market perfectly, bought in the ideal location, and made his graceful exit with impeccable timing. Since his…

crypto is a transition

Crypto is a Transition, Not an Investment

Crypto is the only topic that is more taboo than politics or religion. You can discuss church or the latest political event with your friends and family, even though it may come with some raised eyebrows and finger pointing. However,…

threat of bitcoin

The Threat of Bitcoin

Last night, at dinner, I overheard the wildest conversation of my life. I’m going to tell you what I heard, but I can’t say exactly where it happened. As you’ll see, there are reasons why I shouldn’t be sharing this……

Cheap, Hated, and High Yield

Cheap, Hated, and High Yield

We are probably witnessing one of the more epic run-ups in stock market history. Although we’ll only know the next chapter of this AI-fueled rally in the future, there are currently some incredible hidden opportunities that are being completely ignored….

uranium profits

Uranium Profits Return, Finally

Over six years ago, I nailed the bottom in uranium prices. I say that half jokingly, but I’m also serious – I wrote about how uranium was one of the lowest risk investments in February of 2017: Uranium is literally…

Guyana Just Got Interesting

Guyana Just Got Interesting

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been planning a trip to Guyana with a group of fellow investors and explorers. I’m still pushing ahead with everything, but the conditions have changed, significantly… To give you some background, I first wrote…

Florida Man Make Over

Florida Man Make Over – Now He’s Rich

You likely know all about Florida Man, but if you’ve never heard of him let me give you a quick introduction… “Florida Man” is the unofficial mascot of the State of Florida. He’s not a single person, but rather an…

3 countries pendulum swings

For These 3 Countries, The Pendulum Swings

Over the next several years, we are going to see an enormous amount of change around the world. Financial structures, economic relations, cultural priorities, and everything in between are going to be massively disrupted. Much of this change will be…

Finding Yield While We Wait

Finding Yield While We Wait

Last November I got up on stage in front of hundreds of successful investors. My good friend Keith had invited me to speak about building businesses and unique investing ideas. What I shared with his audience was not traditional investing…