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border crossing robot

My Eyes Were Bloodshot And I Looked Suspicious

My eyes were bloodshot, my voice was raspy, and I was in a bad mood. The last thing I wanted was some airport security guard from London’s Heathrow airport harassing me about why I was traveling. If you haven’t traveled…

asia other side of story

The Other Side Of The Asian Story

In the Western world, London and New York are considered the two main financial hubs. New York serves the US and most of the Americas, while London serves the UK and most of Europe. Cities like Toronto, Zurich, Chicago, and…

starbucks real estate colombia

The Whole Foods Real Estate Strategy, Coming To Colombia

When the grocery store chain Whole Foods announces a new location, it’s not the future shoppers who rejoice. Instead, it’s the property owners around the new proposed site that start jumping up and down. It’s been called the Whole Foods…

investing railway

When Old Becomes New – Investing In Railways (Plus a video)

On May 10th, 1869, the final spike of the first US Transcontinental Railroad was driven into the ground by Leland Stanford. This spike was made of pure gold to signify the importance of the completion of this rail route, that…

toronto kazakhstan uranium

A Chance Meeting In Toronto About Uranium In Kazakhstan

I took the elevator to the thirty-second floor. The elevator door slid open, I walked out, took a left, and pushed open the double doors to the roof top bar. Looking across the room, I thought in my head, “Ugh,…

macau startup

This Might Be One Of The Most Under Rated Cities To Start A Business

About a month ago  I received an invite to come speak at a startup event that was to be held in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau. When I received the invitation, I had literally just returned back to…

chinese bridge boats

When This Chinese Bridge Is Done, You Can Buy These Boats

Looking out the window of the high speed ferry, the project looks massive. There are dozens, or maybe hundreds of barges with cranes mounted on top putting the last touches on the enormous bridge. It’s considered the world’s largest infrastructure…

turkey rugs

Forget About Black Friday, You Can Start Shopping Now (Rugs In Turkey)

Did you know that “The Day After Thanksgiving” is an official government holiday for most of the US? That means that government workers get the day off to digest their food and cure their hangover, from the previous day’s gluttony….

canton fair

3 Reasons Why You Should Go To This Fair

Since 1957, the China Import and Export Fair has run three sessions per year, with three phases in each session. This fair is essentially the biggest trade show in the world and is better known as the Canton Fair. If…

shoe box on wheels

Always Pick The Shoe Box On Wheels. It’ll Pay Off.

He calls it the shoe box on wheels, because that’s what it looks like. It’s basically a square minivan that looks like a cross between a soccer-mom van and a Fast and Furious street racer. Although it may look ridiculous,…