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This Investment’s Door Just Opened a Little More

This investment’s door just opened a little bit more… but even without this new development, Colombia is still a very attractive investment.

Look Where Nobody Else Is Looking

Ever wonder why you never find anything interesting in a crowd? You’ve got to look where nobody else is looking in order to find real value.

How To Get a House For Free

How to get a house for free. It’s like hitting a whole bunch of birds with one stone. Investing in value sometimes comes with a bunch of freebies.

Put Your Negativity Earmuffs On!

A couple of days ago, the U.S. Navy launched airstrikes from the Eastern Mediterranean against the Islamic State, which marks the first time since 2003 that operations have originated from that area. No matter what your political views or even…

The 800 Pound Panda in the Room

However, the long term outcome is a closed deal – China will be the world power within most of our lifetimes… Read More »