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Put Your Negativity Earmuffs On!

June 6, 2016

A couple of days ago, the U.S. Navy launched airstrikes from the Eastern Mediterranean against the Islamic State, which marks the first time since 2003 that operations have originated from that area.

No matter what your political views or even what country your from, I think it’s safe to say that the whole situation in that region is a big mess.

On top of the Middle East debacle, we hear daily news about the financial crisis that is about to hit China. We hear about the on going drug war in Latin America. Europe floods the newspapers with articles about Brexit, immigration and terrorist plots.

Pretty much anywhere you turn, you’re hearing some negative story that gives us all a gloomy outlook on our future.

Perhaps, that is why the millennial generation feels so lost? They are constantly barraged with information about how our world is going to end from global warming or how we’re all going to get blown up by some terrorist group.

So, with all of this ridiculously depressing news we so often hear about, I thought I’d shake it up and give three real world examples of how we’re all going to be ok. In fact, I’d even argue that we’re living in a time of the most positivity and the most opportunity we’ve ever seen. It’s all about what and where you’re looking.1. China

What we hear: China has an immense amount of debt that is going to sooner or later collapse their economy and everything is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket. Additionally, the Chinese are warmongering savages who want to conquer the world. They have launched a new fight to make their currency the global standard and they are prepared to take America down. And to top it all off, their food is weird and they have a ton of ghost cities.

What it’s actually like: I have found China to be one of the most capitalistic countries in the world. Their cities are unbelievably impressive, mass transportation works incredibly well, the food is delicious and there seems to be an opportunity around every corner.

Does the country have it’s problems? Definitely. Are they anything close to what the media is depicting? Hardly.]2. Latin America

What we hear: You’re going to get your head chopped off by a drug lord. And there’s the Zika virus.

What it’s actually like: I may be one of the luckiest people on this earth (or I just stay out of troubles way), but I have been to almost every country in Latin America and I have not once been robbed, assaulted or murdered. In fact, I’ve never been murdered in any country I’ve been to!

The people of Latin America are ridiculously friendly; to the point that it’s almost offensive if you don’t say hello when you pass by a stranger.

The food is excellent, the weather is amazing and everyone loves to drink beer. What’s not to like?3. Europe

What we hear: There is a massive wave of immigrants infiltrating the entire European continent. Plus, the EU is about to collapse, nearly every country is drowning in debt and there are numerous plots by nefarious groups to unleash terror on the streets of every major capital.

What it’s actually like: It’s a really nice place to vacation and as a US tourist, our strong dollar makes the entire European experience much more affordable.

In general Europe is clean, safe and has much more development and travel opportunities than ever before. This is particularly true of Eastern Europe.

If you’re a real estate shopper, there are some smoking deals in Portugal and Spain right now.

Similar to my last post about contrarian investing, we are living in a world of tremendous opportunity and an extremely bright future, even though we’re not hearing that from the media.

People are living longer than anytime in history, the middle class of the world is expanding like crazy and our technological world is advancing faster than we can keep up with.

We are living in great times, so be excited!