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No, I Didn't Die

No, I Didn’t Die

I’m seriously thinking about writing a book about my last year. I’d write it as a non-fiction novel, explaining everything that happened in detail. It’s unlikely anyone would believe me, so the book would end up in the fiction category…

Playground Closed, House Open

Playground Closed, House Open

“Viwus,” she asked?  “Yeah, a virus is something that makes people sick. And if sick people touch other people or things, then the virus can spread. So, it’s best to avoid people and places that might have the virus,” I…

Trump cannabis

Trump’s Easiest Gimme – Cannabis

I can already sense that your blood is boiling. Just the mention of this man’s name gets you ready to fight. Maybe you’re defending him or maybe you’re attacking him. Whatever side you’re on, Trump has clearly created a division….

Psychedelics - The Anti-Drug, Drugs

Psychedelics – The Anti-Drug, Drugs

One of my morning rituals is to go through my daily Google Alerts email that I receive everyday. In addition to following all of my portfolio companies, I have also set alerts for keywords in the psychedelic industry.  “Magic mushrooms,”…


Join Me On A Downwinder

In the summer afternoons along the Southern California coast, the wind picks up out of the north. Some afternoons are stronger than others, but just like clock work you can expect a breeze to pick up around 1pm and blow…

off-the-wall investment

Off-The-Wall Investment

I will send one of these lighters to your house for free! (Anywhere in the world.) And I’ll show you how we made $50,000 in first two days when we launched it. Seriously, I will. There’s a small catch, but…

Psychology of a Crisis

The Psychology of a Crisis

“Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself.” -Epictetus – “Well, these past weeks have been interesting…” That is what everyone has been saying. Literally, everyone I speak to – at a safe distance – says that…

Cannabis Legalization in 2020

Cannabis Legalization in 2020?

Since the introduction of cannabis prohibition in the United States, there has never been a better time to reverse policy. Tax revenue, job creation, and 100% Made in America products are just some of the benefits that the cannabis industry…

Tomorrow is Yesterday, So Wait A While

Tomorrow is Yesterday, So Wait A While

There’s a lot of problems with writing things on the internet. First of all, it’s just risky in general. Not only are you exposing your level of (or lack of) intelligence, but you also make people believe that you are…

pandemic profits

Start of a New Investment Series: Pandemic Profits

DISCLAIMER: Of course this is an uncertain and scary time for everyone, with our entire global health and economy in extreme risk. While many may consider at first read the term ‘Pandemic Profits’ as distasteful, the reality is that major…