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Off-The-Wall Investment

April 28, 2020
off-the-wall investment

I will send one of these lighters to your house for free!

(Anywhere in the world.)

And I’ll show you how we made $50,000 in first two days when we launched it.

Seriously, I will. There’s a small catch, but I think you’ll like it…

So, we made this cool lighter. There’s all kinds of neat features (like a Lifetime Warranty), but I have to tell you something first…

off-the-wall investment


Stick with me here. I promise this will be worth your time. And if it’s not, you can send me hate mail.

I want to tell you about capitalism and being an entrepreneur. 

First, we need to bring back real capitalism. Not some system where huge corporations get bailed out by the PUBLIC’S TAX MONEY every time they encounter a hiccup, because they’ve spent the past 10 years buying back their own shares with INVESTOR’S PRIVATE MONEY. 

Second, we need to bring back the spirit of entrepreneurship. Not some system where kids go to school to learn how to be a robot inside of a company that treats them like dog poop. 

Real capitalism is what fuels real entrepreneurship and vice versa. You can’t have one without the other. We need a rewards based system with rules that apply to everyone. 

And that’s what the world needs more than anything right now: Entrepreneurs who take action, take risks, and solve big problems… and get rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

off-the-wall investment

Everyone needs to put their thinking caps on, stand up, and get busy. There is an endless list of challenges to be solved and opportunities to pursue… it’s just a matter of taking action and getting it done.

Back to the lighter…

off-the-wall investment

This is a project that I just launched with a small group of entrepreneurs. Our team did everything from start to finish.

Most people use cheap disposable lighters that are uncomfortable to use and painful on your fingers. And there were no pocket lighters on the market made specifically for inverted use.

Once we realized that over 1.5 BILLION disposable lighters end up in landfills every year, we thought to ourselves that we had to fix this problem. (We also looked at the 6 million lighters that BIC sells per day, and thought this was an interesting opportunity!)

That’s why we created a refillable lighter with a patent pending ergonomic design and backed it with a lifetime warranty. 

I’m going to be real with you:

We know this lighter won’t change the world.

(Although the mental health crisis that will be caused by this pandemic will need cannabis as a way for many to cope.)

off-the-wall investment

We know this lighter won’t change the world. But, that’s not the point.

I want to share with you how we built this company from the beginning to where it is now. I know that if you follow the process that we did, you’ll be able to create a business around anything you want.

So, here’s the catch…

I will send you a free lighter AND I will give you a detailed report that shows how we built this company and how we launched it, step by step, from start to finish if:

  1. You share this article with someone. I genuinely want people to understand that we, as a society, need more ‘do-ers’ to get out there and start making things happen. And we need to support a capitalist system that allows for all of us to play by the same rules… and get rewarded for our efforts. I have no way to check if you actually share this article… so I’ll trust you.
  2. You buy a lighter from us here. Yup, there’s the big catch. All you have to do is fork over $24 and we’ll ship you a lighter to anywhere in the world AND I’ll throw in a second lighter in awesome packaging that you can give as a gift to someone special.
  3. Forward me your proof of order (contact@codyshirk.com), and I’ll send you a report that outlines everything we did to make the company a success. The report will go out around the end of May, as our story isn’t totally done yet, so there will be more to add to the report.

So, for $24, you’ll get two lighters and a report on how to build a business from start to finish.

And this isn’t some ‘theoretical business plan’… this is real. I’ll show you everything we did and everything we used. Plus, you can see how much money we’ve actually made so far (over $50,000 in the first 48 hours), to prove that this actually works. 

Most importantly, I want to prove to you that this whole entrepreneurship thing works. I want you to get excited about building something from scratch and making it into a successful venture.

off-the-wall investment

By the way… I hope you see the irony in all of this.

I am trying to sell more lighters. And I know that just asking you to buy a lighter is not enough. I’ve got to make something valuable enough for you to hand me over your hard-earned cash.

Well, if I can get you to buy a lighter, by giving you an extra lighter for free… AND, most importantly, show you how to build your own successful business, then that’s a pretty fair deal for both sides, right?!

If you think that’s a great deal, you’ll spend $24. If not, you’ll just move on to whatever is next in your day. That’s how capitalism should work. Those who provide value should get rewarded. The market (YOU) will decide what is valuable.

To make it easier for you… just do these two steps:

  1. Buy a lighter here.
  2. Forward me your email receipt.