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Capitulation Pandemic

April 21, 2020
Capitulation Pandemic

One day, we’ll look back and realize that the death rate compared to the actual infection rate was FAR overestimated.

We’ll look back and realize the destruction that we caused to our economy and society ended up leading to a global mental crisis.

But that’s sometime in the future. For now, we’re still full throttle, headed into ruining every corner of our economy and disrupting every nook of our society. 

Right now, we’re taking capitulation to the next level. We have a pandemic of capitulation. 

Originally a war-time term, capitulation is the act of surrendering to an opponent or demand. In the investing world, it means that you give up all previous gains that you’ve had by selling your investment for the same (or less) than what you originally paid. 

Basically, you just give up. You lay down on the ground and pee on yourself. You capitulate. 

And it’s happening in every part of our world from government, to religion, to science, to society, and to our global economy. Everyone, everywhere is doing a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn. 

Governments around the globe don’t have a clue what to do. There are just as many different strategies, as there are styles of leadership. Some countries are choosing for total lock down, while others are allowing everything to operate as normal. 

In the United States, the Democrats are suddenly tight on budgets and in favor of locking down borders. The Republicans now want to spend like crazy and enact new laws. Meanwhile, the party that was founded on the belief of limited government and personal responsibility – Libertarians – wants the Government to step in and give out free money to people.

Religious groups throughout the world are having their own internal battles, trying to figure out how to keep their finances afloat. While many churches have made the decision to close their doors, others are having very public social gatherings.

The science world is having their own debate about different drug experiments, triage techniques, and how entangled they should get with government policy. (To be fair, most scientists and doctors are taking the rational approach to the pandemic.)

Our societies are having extremely strange experiments which include having weddings and birthday parties via webcam. Neighbors are tattle-telling on other neighbors for not distancing themselves socially. We’re making harsh judgments on our own family members and closest of friends on whether they are taking this pandemic seriously or not.

Economically, we are witnessing once free-flowing trade routes come to a halt and businesses having to re-invent their own wheel. We’re trying to raise oil prices because of such a dramatic glut, only to find that the market has pushed prices to a negative value. (Yes, oil is valued less than zero. Talk about strange.)

Similar to the wide ranging reactions by the general public to the pandemic, we are witnessing equally broad, and erratic, responses everywhere we look. 

This capitulation pandemic is the biggest opportunity we’ll ever see in our lifetime.

Whether you want to start a new political party, invent a new religion, make a name for yourself in the science world, perform incredible services to society, or make multi-generational wealth, the time is right now to make any of that happen. 

Of course, the cancerous feeling of uncertainty is everywhere. Some are feeling pressured to take action, even though there are huge downside risks. They are making knee-jerk decisions based on the information that is in front of them… even though tomorrow may provide a whole new set of challenges that conflict with today’s decisions.

So, what should you do?

That answer is just as uncertain as next month.

However, there are some incredible investment opportunities that you can be pursuing right now, but they look nothing like you might assume. I’ll share two of the ventures I’m pursuing over the next couple of weeks. I doubt you’d ever guess what these are… I promise you they are off-the-wall. And I’ll show you exactly how you can do it yourself.

More, soon.