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animal spirits

Animal Spirits Prepare to Roar

“Animal Spirits” must be the most ridiculous investment term in the world of finance. Of course, just like any phrase in the investment world, the definition of Animal Spirits is fancy and over-the-top. I have found that to be a…

space force

This Time, Space Force Laughs

The media made the Space Force a joke.  “Basically, no one can believe that this is a real thing and we can hardly blame them.” –The Wrap “Thankfully, however, the real-life version of the U.S.’s fictional space-faring Military Force, dubbed…

adapt or perish

Two Decades in Two Years. Adapt or Perish.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” -H. G. Wells   How do you reconnect with people you haven’t spoken with in a while…? Well, if you’re good enough friends, you just pick up exactly where you…

Short Term Rental Investment Machine in Colombia (Lots of pictures!)

If it was easy, everyone would do it.  (You can scroll down to the “START HERE” section to jump straight to the information about the short term rental investment machine in Colombia.) The older I get, the more that saying…

These Medicines Will Help Society

These Medicines Will Help Society, And Your Investment Account

Some disclaimers and background info, before I dive in: Psychedelics are extremely powerful medicines that should not be taken lightly. In the right hands, they can be used to treat (and even cure) many mental health problems like depression and…

Playground Closed, House Open

Playground Closed, House Open

“Viwus,” she asked?  “Yeah, a virus is something that makes people sick. And if sick people touch other people or things, then the virus can spread. So, it’s best to avoid people and places that might have the virus,” I…

Trump cannabis

Trump’s Easiest Gimme – Cannabis

I can already sense that your blood is boiling. Just the mention of this man’s name gets you ready to fight. Maybe you’re defending him or maybe you’re attacking him. Whatever side you’re on, Trump has clearly created a division….

Psychedelics - The Anti-Drug, Drugs

Psychedelics – The Anti-Drug, Drugs

One of my morning rituals is to go through my daily Google Alerts email that I receive everyday. In addition to following all of my portfolio companies, I have also set alerts for keywords in the psychedelic industry.  “Magic mushrooms,”…


Join Me On A Downwinder

In the summer afternoons along the Southern California coast, the wind picks up out of the north. Some afternoons are stronger than others, but just like clock work you can expect a breeze to pick up around 1pm and blow…

How Fast Can You Pivot?

How Fast Can You Pivot?

“What the heck is this?” That’s probably what you were asking yourself when you read my last article, where I was selling you a lighter.  Why would Cody try to sell me a lighter? Is he getting desperate to sell…