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marijuana acquisition

The Marijuana Acquisition Game Is Warming Up

What do YouTube, Waze, and Android have in common? They are all owned by the company Alphabet… better known as Google. When it comes to acquisitions, Google is a beast. In 2010, they were buying almost one company per week….

china coffee

In China, This Addictive Drink Is About To Explode

For many people, the whole process of drinking coffee is a required morning ritual to start the day. There’s the addictive caffeine component, the smell, the sipping of warm liquid, and the taste which makes people crazy for their cup…

invest china

You Need To Get Involved In This Part Of The World

Florida to New York to London to Ethiopia to Tanzania to Saudi Arabia to Germany to New Jersey to Los Angeles to Chicago to Florida to Chicago to Tokyo to Hong Kong. That has been my schedule for the past…

grow your wealth

Today Should Inspire You To Grow Your Wealth

Today is one of the most important holidays in the United States. It’s called “hotdog-fireworks-beer-bbq-day” and everyone loves to celebrate. Of course, I’m joking – it’s actually the 4th of July, the day that the United States of America celebrates…

goldilocks macro investing

The Goldilocks Zone of Macro Investing

Macro investing is one of the safest and easiest investment strategies out there. It’s also very popular because it’s easy to understand. Basically, macro investing just means that you are betting on a bigger picture story. For example, let’s pretend…

Initial Public Offloading – Part Deux

For some strange reason, many investors line-up to buy IPO’s. They can’t wait to sink their hard earned money into the next hot thing. But, do they know what they are actually buying? Now-a-days, I don’t think they do. Let…

We Might Look Back And Say, “What the hell were we thinking?”

Investors are so desperate for yield that they are lending their money for low returns to debtors that have histories of defaulting.

That’s crazy.

Meet ‘My Guy’ In Asia And See What He’s Sharing With Us

A trip to Asia is for most travelers is too expensive, too confusing, and too scary. Then how the heck do you invest there?

There Are No Guarantees In Investing, Except This

There are no guarantees in life and especially in investing. However, there are some near-certainties that we can position ourselves to take advantage of.

The Cost of Living – I Guarantee You Care About This

It affects all of us – the cost of living. The best way to quantify this part of our lives is to look at actual living costs, like real estate. As many of you know, real estate is one of…