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Why Don’t You Think For Yourself?

We all think for ourselves… right? I hope I do, but at the same time I know that I don’t. I think that I make decisions based upon facts and information, however, I’d guess that a lot of what I…

Where Did All The Doers Go?

25% of the population was decimated – a total of two million people were gone. One million died of starvation and the other one million left the island. It was complete survival of the fittest with the real threat of…

foreign real estate

Ten Reasons You Should Buy Real Estate Outside The US

Here are ten reasons you should buy real estate outside of the US. Foreign real estate is one of my favorite investments… find out why.

I Hope You Hate Marijuana Too

A couple weeks ago I was at an investor group event, where we were touring the facility of a particular investment opportunity when I had this conversation… “It’s actually quite embarrassing,” he said. “What? Why?” I asked. “That an investor…

The Auto Bubble That Has Nothing to do With Money

The most important reason why I see auto ownership peaking is that driving is a pain in the ass… Read More »

Failure is What You and I are Pursuing

I’m seriously guilty of this. I worry about it all the time, and I bet you do too. It’s that deep-seated feeling that there might be a chance you’ll fall behind; that you’ll screw everything up. You must pay attention…

You Will Lose Everything – Unless You Understand

It’s true. Unless you understand what is going on, you stand a chance to lose everything you have worked for. Your savings will be obliterated. But there are several ways you can secure your wealth – a couple ways don’t…

You Should Never Pay Off Your Home Mortgage

It’s the American dream, right? — to pay off your mortgage and live debt free in your home. Wrong. You should never have your home paid off, if you want your hard earned money to actually work for you. I’ll…

The Most Famous Failures. That’s What People Thought They’d Be

What do you think of when you read the following list of people? Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) Bill Gates (Microsoft) Oprah Winfrey (Entertainment) Michael Dell (Dell Computers) John Mackey (Whole Foods) Steve Jobs (Apple) Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) Larry Ellison (Oracle) Henry…

You’re So Lucky Man

…Yup. It was a conversation almost exactly like this one, where someone told me to stop complaining and take responsibility. They told me to shut my mouth and take accountability for my actions….Read More »