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Why Don’t You Think For Yourself?

May 17, 2016

We all think for ourselves… right?

I hope I do, but at the same time I know that I don’t.

I think that I make decisions based upon facts and information, however, I’d guess that a lot of what I think is based upon what I am told.

So, essentially, I am influenced by my surroundings that tell me how to think.

I’ll jump to the point… or rather, the example.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a complete basket case. Yes, they deliver mail (rain or shine) on nearly everyday of the year. They move letters and packages from one state to another in a matter of days. Pretty impressive stuff when you actually think about it.

But, the reality is that the USPS is dated and extremely inefficient. They run at a huge financial deficit every year and can’t seem to make enough money no matter what great idea they come up with.

The internet and privatized services like FedEx and UPS have really changed the way USPS does business.

So what does the USPS do about that? How are they going to compete with online bill pay, that eliminates the need to send in your monthly check to the power company?

They do this:Seriously?! That’s the best they could come up with?

Paying bill through the mail:
– Pull out checkbook (who has a checkbook anymore?!)
– Write out check for amount that needs to be paid
– Stuff in envelope with your bill
– Stick a stamp on the envelope that costs fifty cents
– Drop envelope in your mailbox, or drive all the way to the post office
– Hope that your envelope magically gets transported to wherever it’s destined to
– Wait for your check to clear

Paying bill online:
– Fill out payment information online
– Click “pay” to instantly transfer money, for free

The choice is obvious, and the USPS is feeling the pain of the massive amount of people who choose the efficient online bill pay technique versus the antiquated method of mailing your bills.

Even a child that reads this bumper sticker would be perplexed…

“Pay your bills by mail.”


Let’s put this example aside for a second… but keep it in the back of your mind.

Now, let’s think about hot topics right now, like tax evasion, drug use, gay marriage, immigration, war, etc…

I’d bet that if you make a pros and cons list for any of the topics above, the obvious stance for each would be drastically different than how our society tells us to think about them.

I know that I’ve held opinions for a long time on many issues.

Like gay marriage. Only after I took a step back and thought, “Wait… why do I even think this way about gay people? I guess it’s because someone, along the way, told me it was bad.”

What’s bad about gay marriage? Is it weird? So what?!

It doesn’t interfere in my life, and hey, maybe a gay couple will adopt a child in need of a home – something that is a hero maneuver in my book.

It’s extremely hard to challenge your beliefs, but try to pick one topic in your life that you have never addressed. Think about it, research it, and figure out if you still have the same opinion.

I’ve drastically changed my viewpoint on the world and life in general after doing this exercise… which has also greatly improved the quality of my life. I feel better in knowing that I am thinking and living through my experiences and my thoughts, rather than putting on a wool suit and running around with the rest of the sheep.


Transportation Revolution

Most people saw the [failed] test of the hyperloop transportation system last week.

However, I’d say it’s safe to say that it’s just a matter of time until a realistic system is developed.

When that time finally comes, human behavior will literally change, as the inconvenience of time and travel will become even less of a burden.

Imagine commuting from LA to SF in under 30 minutes… most people in each of those cities spend more time commuting within their own city!

Cannabis Amendment

In a somewhat obvious article in the Los Angeles Times, marijuana use is expected to increase if (when) the plant is made legal for consumption.

New users may appear as the stigma of illegal cannabis dissapates, but another reason for increased consumption may be because “increasing the availability of marijuana reduces problems with opioid painkillers.”

…I wonder why many pharmaceutical companies are against the legalization of cannabis!