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border crossing robot

My Eyes Were Bloodshot And I Looked Suspicious

My eyes were bloodshot, my voice was raspy, and I was in a bad mood. The last thing I wanted was some airport security guard from London’s Heathrow airport harassing me about why I was traveling. If you haven’t traveled…

build it and they will come

Build It and They Will Come. But, Not This Time

It’s all there. Stop signs, fire hydrants, storm drains, and paved roads for miles. The aerial view is hard to really comprehend. An endless maze of pre-planned streets that were built to be the backbone for the next utopian California…

turkey rugs

Forget About Black Friday, You Can Start Shopping Now (Rugs In Turkey)

Did you know that “The Day After Thanksgiving” is an official government holiday for most of the US? That means that government workers get the day off to digest their food and cure their hangover, from the previous day’s gluttony….

asymmetrical opportunities

3 Areas You Must Be Invested In – Asymmetrical Opportunities

Investing involves a lot of different strategies. You can be a momentum investor, a tech investor, a value investor, a commodities investors, a real estate investor, and so on… All of these different strategies have their positives and negatives. Some…

wechat payments

We Couldn’t Pay Our Food Bill

We had just finished a casual dinner at a restaurant called “Greenbowl” that was located somewhere in Shenzhen. I couldn’t find the place again if my life depended on it, but it was a great meal in a clean and…

marijuana boiling frog

Marijuana Trends and the Boiling Frog

The boiling frog story always seemed pretty ridiculous to me. The idea that a frog wouldn’t jump out of water that is slowly heated up just doesn’t make sense. If you were to put a frog in a pot of…

shoe box on wheels

Always Pick The Shoe Box On Wheels. It’ll Pay Off.

He calls it the shoe box on wheels, because that’s what it looks like. It’s basically a square minivan that looks like a cross between a soccer-mom van and a Fast and Furious street racer. Although it may look ridiculous,…

monkey invest

All The Peoples Look Over Here (Don’t mind the monkey.)

After clearing customs at the Denpasar airport, my wife and I hopped into the first taxi we could find. Our goal was to get out of the Indonesian city as fast as possible, so we could leave the other tourists…

painful due diligence

The Most Painful Due Diligence I’ve Ever Done

Earlier this week, on late Monday afternoon, I was sitting at home on the couch with my daughter. I had just returned from China, so I was trying to catch up on the time difference while watching some cartoon about…

china trend invest

Ignore The Distractions. This Trend Is Ridiculously Obvious.

“What’s going to happen with the trade war going on between China and the US?” We were asked that question last week during a Startup Grind event in Hong Kong. I was fortunate to be speaking with Hong Kong hedge…