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Personal Development

Are You a Fool Follower?

Do you ever feel intimidated by someone of intellectual superiority? Or, in other words, do some people make you feel dumb by being condescending and superior? I have, and I’m sure you’ve experienced that too. There is a little secret…

We Live Where You Vacation

Where do you dream of vacationing? We all have different ideas of what the perfect vacation is and what our ideal pastimes are, but according to multiple polls nearly every single vacation spot has nothing to do with accommodations and…

Excuses are Like A-Holes. Everyone Has One and They All Stink.

I’m sick of hearing the excuses and accusations of luck. It actually pisses me off; so prepare yourself for this rant. Luck You make your luck. It’s that simple. I’ve had shitty luck and I’ve had great luck. But, guess…

Want to Make Your Parents Proud? Then Don’t Do What They Did

They gave you everything you needed from a roof over your head to food on your plate. And while some parents are better than others, we all have one thing in common that all of our parents gave us: life….