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Are You a Fool Follower?

March 15, 2016

Do you ever feel intimidated by someone of intellectual superiority?

Or, in other words, do some people make you feel dumb by being condescending and superior?

I have, and I’m sure you’ve experienced that too.

There is a little secret though – most of the time it’s a facade. It’s a complete front put on, that is usually fueled by an unrealistic ego with an incapability to take responsibility. Basically speaking, the type of person who holds power over you and I, simply has an attitude of power, while we have an attitude of submission… which brings me to our current financial predicament.

We, as users of US dollars and other fiat currencies, are completely dependent on the policies of central banks and government policy.

Of course this is no secret that the general population is at mercy to government decisions, but the less noticed fact is how policy makers make decisions is completely bogus – they literally have no idea what they are doing.

Former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, is famous for talking in circles and essentially speaking long enough to confuse listeners. Once his audience is thoroughly lost, few people ever question his actions because they feel intimidated by his ‘intellectual authority.’

Quotes like the following are a perfect example of how Greenspan and many other leaders speak for hours, but say nothing.

“I would generally expect that today in Washington DC. the probability of changes in the weather is highly uncertain, but we are monitoring the data in such a way that we will be able to update people on changes that are important.”
And it goes farther than that, with many speeches simply becoming glamorized displays of drama.

Current Chairwoman Janet Yellen recently almost passed out during a speech when she spoke at length about nothing. The only thing important that she did say was “if the economy surprises us, our judgments about appropriate monetary policy will change.” Well, duh!

Even President Obama can put on quite a show when he made a speech about gun control, managing to squeeze out some tears in a performance that should garner him some type of acting award. Never mind the hundreds of people who have been killed by US led drone strikes across the world, to which his reactions have been nonexistent.

The point here is that these people are experts at only a couple things, one of which is putting on such an act that they are able to confuse the public.

The other thing that they are expert in, is the ability to possess an ego large enough that they feel they must speak about how people must live their lives. Which is apparent by the way that they speak to the public and the laws which they propose (and rarely follow themselves).

The lesson here is to never blindly follow anyone; especially those who are in power and have ulterior motives.

This is hard to do – to not follow others, because we as humans are herd animals and we like it when someone tells us what to do. It’s in our DNA to follow others actions, as it usually led to survival.

However, the unfortunate circumstance that we are in right now, is that we are following a herd of buffoons that are about to run off a cliff. Most of us won’t realize that we were running right in the middle of the pack until we are falling through the air off that cliff.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there are numerous ways to separate yourself from this irrational pack of crazy people. One of which is to be extremely skeptical cautious of those people who are telling you what to do – you know, those people who have an air of superiority like I mentioned in the beginning of this article.

Most often, those who are able to lead or mentor you in the right direction are the most humble and unassuming individuals around.