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Excuses are Like A-Holes. Everyone Has One and They All Stink.

February 10, 2016

I’m sick of hearing the excuses and accusations of luck. It actually pisses me off; so prepare yourself for this rant.


You make your luck. It’s that simple.

I’ve had shitty luck and I’ve had great luck. But, guess what? I’ve made both the bad and good luck.

And lately, I’ve been making a lot of good luck. Making luck. Not waiting for it.

All of those times when someone has said, “Wow, you’re really lucky to get the opportunity to travel there.” Or “Geez, wish I was lucky enough to find such a deal on a house.”

I hear that and I think, “Well, guess what I was doing while you were watching TV? I was working my ass off making my luck and saved my money by not buying a TV.”

But I’m far from perfect. In fact, I have the worst self-diagnosed ADD that a person can have. I mean, I can barely write two sentences of this article without clicking over to another tab on my browser to look at some website. It’ll probably take me 2 hours to write this, but I’ll only spend about 9 minutes actually typing.

Oh, look a squirrel!

But seriously, I try not to participate in any activity that is not somehow making my luck… even if that’s jumping around to ten different topics. As long as those topics somehow play into a bigger picture, the self-fulfilling prophecy of making luck will happen.

I will it to happen.


I make excuses all the time, just like everyone else.

I can’t slam dunk. At 6 feet, I’m too short.

…Have you seen Spud Webb dunk? He’s 5’7” and he won the ’86 NBA Dunk Contest.

I just didn’t work hard enough.

Any excuse I make is simply a way of saying “I’m too lazy to do that.” But, it makes me feel better to make some lame excuse instead.

Sometimes it’s not laziness though. Sometimes I just don’t care or have no interest; but that’s another form of an excuse.

I have no interest in making spread sheets or researching a boring topic; but that’s how people make wealth. I like wealth. I want it.

But, I’ll make an excuse about how I don’t like doing the things that it takes to get wealth. And then I prove to myself my own point: You’ve got to do things you don’t want to do in order to achieve your goals. The things in-between called ‘excuses’ are what everyone faces.

Some people choose to confront their excuses and annihilate them. Just like Spud.


I ran across a perfect example of excuses and luck last night.

Right now United Airlines is charging just over $100 to fly round trip from Los Angeles to Chicago. That is crazy cheap.

You may be thinking, “so what?”

I do this all the time; when I can buy an airline ticket for super cheap to somewhere that I’ve never been and is somewhat interesting, I go!

The thing about traveling to a new place is that you are fresh to the area, so you have new eyes that can see new opportunities.

Chicago happens to be within driving distance of Detroit, which is literally giving away property.

So by booking this super cheap ticket, you will expose yourself to all kinds of opportunities. You will be making your luck.

And yes, flying to Chicago in the winter may be unpleasant and I’m sure you could make all kinds of excuses about it.

There it is. You make your luck and there are no excuses.

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