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Confessions of a Closet Prepper

Confessions of a Closet Prepper

Although I rarely talk about it, in my ‘former life’ I used to be a professional firefighter in Los Angeles. What most people don’t realize is that firefighters (at least in the LA area) mostly deal with non-fire emergencies. Where…

diversify increase return security

Diversify To Increase Return AND Security

In the early 1960s, flying from the US to Japan was a big deal. Japan Airlines had just started making transpolar flights the previous year with tickets being hard to come by and extremely expensive.  Traveling outside of the US…

Why Real Estate Investors Don't Own Their Home

Why Real Estate Investors Don’t Own Their Home

Practice what you preach… right? Many real estate investors, who derive the majority of their income from the actual properties that they own,  don’t own the home that they live in. Seems weird that someone who invests in real estate…

Scarcity Mindset Investing

Scarcity Mindset Investing

Last week, I was in Hong Kong to give a presentation about investing and building companies in the cannabis industry. The majority of the people that I spoke with had no clue about the traction that the market has gotten….

Investing in Living Longer

Investing in Living Longer

From the late 1700s to the late 1800s, the global average life expectancy was less than 35 years old. With child birth complications, disease, and war, someone who lived into their 50s was considered very old at the time.  Today,…

Psychological Revolution

The Next Psychological Revolution – Psychedelics

With an annual cost of nearly a quarter trillion US dollars, treating depression in the United States is big business. Internationally, that number is even bigger, which has created entire industries around ‘treating’ those who suffer from chronic depression. Perhaps…



That’s the opportunity in the cannabis industry right now – it’s an arbitrage play. On one side of the fence, you have government laws. On the other side of the fence, you have a landslide of momentum and support for…

Pro-Aging Trance

Breaking Out of the Pro-Aging Trance

“The impulsion to leap to embarrassingly unjustified conclusions in order to put the horror of aging out of one’s mind.” That’s what Aubrey de Grey has to say about why humans become obsessed with relatively meaningless tasks throughout our lives…

short game or long game

Are you in for the short game or the long game?

Delayed gratification versus immediate reward. This concept I something researchers have studied for years. They have tried to understand why our brains desire different rewards based on a time frame. Really, the only reasonable explanation is that people are just…

real estate cycle

2019: Where Are We In The Real Estate Cycle?

“Unfortunately, bubbles are only recognized with 100 percent certainty in 20/20 hindsight,” says the man who accurately predicted the 2008 housing crash and the beginning the current housing slowdown. James Stark, who manages well over $1 billion, thinks we are…