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macau startup

This Might Be One Of The Most Under Rated Cities To Start A Business

About a month ago  I received an invite to come speak at a startup event that was to be held in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau. When I received the invitation, I had literally just returned back to…

chinese bridge boats

When This Chinese Bridge Is Done, You Can Buy These Boats

Looking out the window of the high speed ferry, the project looks massive. There are dozens, or maybe hundreds of barges with cranes mounted on top putting the last touches on the enormous bridge. It’s considered the world’s largest infrastructure…

lucky boston

Getting Lucky in Boston

I told you about the strange smells that I found at Harvard University yesterday, but I didn’t tell you why I was there… This past weekend, we had a small gathering of Explorer Partnership members at two different restaurants –…

harvard skunk

Harvard Skunks

This past Saturday morning I took a run through Harvard University. I had never seen the campus, but it was exactly how I’d expect it to be, except for one thing… I started running down the path on the bank…

turkey rugs

Forget About Black Friday, You Can Start Shopping Now (Rugs In Turkey)

Did you know that “The Day After Thanksgiving” is an official government holiday for most of the US? That means that government workers get the day off to digest their food and cure their hangover, from the previous day’s gluttony….

doomsday insurance policies

Do You Own One Of These 4 Doomsday Insurance Policies?

“The market is going to crash within the next six months.” I think we’ve all heard someone say that for the past 3 years. Some people will say it to scare you into buying something… and some people say it…

canton fair

3 Reasons Why You Should Go To This Fair

Since 1957, the China Import and Export Fair has run three sessions per year, with three phases in each session. This fair is essentially the biggest trade show in the world and is better known as the Canton Fair. If…

asymmetrical opportunities

3 Areas You Must Be Invested In – Asymmetrical Opportunities

Investing involves a lot of different strategies. You can be a momentum investor, a tech investor, a value investor, a commodities investors, a real estate investor, and so on… All of these different strategies have their positives and negatives. Some…

wechat payments

We Couldn’t Pay Our Food Bill

We had just finished a casual dinner at a restaurant called “Greenbowl” that was located somewhere in Shenzhen. I couldn’t find the place again if my life depended on it, but it was a great meal in a clean and…

marijuana boiling frog

Marijuana Trends and the Boiling Frog

The boiling frog story always seemed pretty ridiculous to me. The idea that a frog wouldn’t jump out of water that is slowly heated up just doesn’t make sense. If you were to put a frog in a pot of…