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A ‘Sneak Peak’ At What The Future Is…

July 11, 2016

If you’re like most Americans (or anybody watching the news) you’ve been bombarded by race wars and cop shootings.

Don’t worry, I won’t dog pile on those topics.

I will, however, question the media’s focus on those events… what other ‘news’ are we missing?

The front page of the Drudge Report. The media knows how to sell news.

If you’ve been paying attention to any international news, you’d see that Brexit has only intensified… or rather the repercussions of what Brexit represents.

Britain exiting the European Union has essentially given a vote of no-confidence to the globalists who are attempting to unify the world into a single system.

Said another way, a bunch frustrated people voted to leave a system that was oppressing them – and they won. Perhaps it will be the straw that will break the camels back?

Multiple EU member countries are now considering a similar referendum – to put the idea of an exit from the EU to vote. In addition, countries like Italy and Greece are (once again) on the verge of economic collapse.

For you and I, this is great news. We are basically getting a ‘sneak peak’ at what the future is: more volatility in the EU (and the world).

We’ve already seen the pound crash and the dollar strengthen, so now we can look at what the Euro will do.

But, that involves some risky currency trading – we can do something much easier: buy precious metals.

People around the world are starting to shift their wealth to safe haven assets, which (other than gold and silver) has been the US.

This may cause the US to continue on it’s extended bull market. We could see the stock market and real estate values rise much, much higher.
(Which is also why you should consider buying a home in the US right now. Low rates, small down payments and possibly huge upside give very little risk to the investor.)

For me, I’d put my money on gold and silver, which have been in a horrible bear market.

Both US assets and precious metals represent security, however only one of those have been in a bear market.

If we consider that all things are cyclical (the weather, economies, fashion trends, etc.), then I’d like to get in at the bottom of the cycle, rather than the top.

Tomorrow, I’ll list a whole bunch of ways you can buy silver – both physical and paper (stocks).