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These Buffoons Are Determining Your Future

July 5, 2016

Just face it.

Politicians can and do determine the way that you will live your life.

It’s a bit scary, but true.

Today, I want to show you a video. It has to do with Brexit… but really, the topic doesn’t matter. Actually, it doesn’t even matter what you think about Brexit. It doesn’t matter if your left wing, right wing or a chicken wing.

What matters is that these people are who represent you. They are the ones that make decisions and propose laws and taxes. These people are the ones that determine our future.

Now, I encourage you to watch this video.

It’s embarrassing. It’s maddening. It’s simply unbelievable. These politicians who represent multiple different countries throughout the EU are literally laughing, booing and scoffing at Nigel Farage. They are making complete mockeries of democracy. But it’s reality. This is what’s actually happening.

So take a second, watch the video, and realize that these are the people who are determining your future.

Remember, that it doesn’t matter what you think about politics or anything like that. What matters is that a bunch of people who represent you are acting like children.So, with that in mind, think about how you are leading your life… think about who you are entrusting to guide you.

It’s certainly important to look up to others for guidance… but when it comes to relying on a political entity to determine your future… you’re simply a victim.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance.

Go out and make your own change.