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A Conspiracy That’s True – And You Can Profit From

July 13, 2016

What if I told you a story that most call a conspiracy? Would you believe me? Or would you just think that I’m some nut-job?

Why don’t you judge for yourself… tell me whether you think I am full of it… or if what I’m about to tell you is actually true…

Health officials and law enforcement officials don’t have your best interest.

I’m not taking about individual doctors or regular police officers. I’m talking about high level executives who make decisions about policies and regulations.(Doctors, nurses, police officers and all employees under the above two umbrellas just carry out the orders…)

Sounds unbelievable… right?

Hospital Associations, Sheriff Associations, Police Unions, Nurse Unions and every other organization in those industries are against it.

Jails, prisons, rehabs and pharmaceutical companies are also against it.

And why would all of these ‘stand up’ organizations be against it? Because they will lose money if it becomes legal.

They will all lose money if marijuana becomes legal.

Consider this for example: “…prescriptions for drugs like opioid painkillers and antidepressants — and associated Medicare spending on those drugs — fell in states where marijuana could feasibly be used as a replacement, the researchers said it appears likely legalization led to a drop in prescriptions. That point, they said, is strengthened because prescriptions didn’t drop for medicines such as blood-thinners, for which marijuana isn’t an alternative.”

Translation = Marijuana is taking money away from the US government and pharmaceutical companies who are in bed with the US government. Hmmm…On top of that, marijuana has been proven to treat diseases such as cancer, lupus and epilepsy. Additionally, stress, insomnia, pain, inflammation and numerous other ailments have been proven to be combated by marijuana.

Is marijuana perfect? No. Not at all.

But, did you know that teen use of marijuana has actually dropped in Colorado, where marijuana is legal?

Here is the point: Marijuana is not as bad as many organizations make it out to be. Once everyone realizes that, it’s only a matter of time until marijuana becomes legal – or less frowned upon – in the US.

So let’s plan with that assumption.

Let’s make a speculation. Let’s profit from the coming legalization of marijuana.

Ok… so how do we do that?

We invest in marijuana stocks.

I have a new updated list of stocks I’ll publish soon… as in, tomorrow.

See ya then.