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Is This The Next Mortgage Backed Security?

September 19, 2016

“How do I get rich?” It’s the overwhelming question that everyone asks… but, no one listens to the real answer, because they don’t like it.

Getting rich, or building wealth, is not a simple one step process. It’s a series of steps and processes – which few people will actually execute.

So instead of reading, learning, and researching, most people become frustrated and move on to the next flavor-of-the-week.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I’ve received an unbelievable amount of very intelligent feedback – really it’s impressive. Most of you understand that building wealth is all about patiently learning and then reviewing what you’ve absorbed – it’s the process of truly becoming knowledgeable and confident in your moves.

There have been a [very] small number of you who are looking for that ‘one hot tip’ or that secret that is going to lead you to riches and success. When you don’t find that secret (which doesn’t exist) you become mad.

If you think I am going to tell you that one secret, then you are mistaken. You can search somewhere else – even though your search will never end.

What I want to share with you today is important if you want to grow your wealth. It’s something that I believe will be hugely obvious in hindsight, but we can start to take advantage of now before everyone else catches on.

First, we must understand what this opportunity is all about. I wrote a special article just to explain it for you. It’s here.

When you click on that link you’re gonna say, “Oh, this is boring. What else is on the internet?”

But, before you say that, let me compare what that article is about to a MBS in 2006.

Imagine we are in 2006, before the housing and financial crisis…

You and I are at a party. We’re sitting next to each other sipping beers. I lean over to you and say, “Hey, how are you? Have you ever heard of a Mortgage Backed Security?”

You look back at me blankly. You think I am some weirdo or some guy that is just talking about financial mumbo jumbo. You say, “No, I haven’t… but I’m going to get another beer, you want one?”

Then you get up and walk away, never returning with that beer.

Fast-forward two years and that weird thing I said to you at the party… well… you’re thinking about it… “Dammit, I shoulda listened to what that guy at the party said about Mortgage Backed Securities.”

Well, that article I wrote (here) is that conversation at the party. This is your opportunity to find out about a seemingly boring ‘financial thing’ before it becomes big news.