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Are The Dallas Cowboys Funded by The US Government?

September 20, 2016

Jerry Jones is the owner of the American professional football team the Dallas Cowboys.

He bought the team back in 1989 for a then astronomical amount – $140 million USD.

At the time, people were laughing about how stupid the purchase was… but now it’s Jones who is having the laugh.

The Dallas Cowboys have recently been valued at $4.20 billion USD. What an incredible investment!

Now, let’s look at some other financial indicators to see if we can find any correlations…

First, we can look at currency in circulation: Second we can look at M1 money stock: Third we can look at M2 money stock: See a correlation?

Now, I’ll admit it’s a stretch to assume that the US Government funded the unbelievable growth of the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Of course Jerry Jones and his team did an excellent job at branding the team and creating a profitable business.

So to say that the Cowboys got their money from the government is just false. Or is it?

I’m not suggesting any conspiracy here. This is just another unique example of assets rising in value that have direct correlation to the money supply within the US.