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The Most Valuable Information I’ve Ever Shared

The Most Valuable Information I’ve Ever Shared

Cali Colombia may be one of the best secrets in real estate investing. Prices are below construction costs and quality of life can be high.

Exchange Rates Can Kill Your Retirement

Exchange rates can kill your retirement. It’s the last thing someone thinks about when they’re about to enter their golden years.

Exploring For Opportunity – The Uncomplicated Way To Invest

Exploring for opportunity is an out-of-style investing strategy. We expect great ideas to be served to us on a silver platter. You gotta go out and find it!

This Is Who Is Stealing Your Future

I try, at least once a week, to cover a ‘bigger idea.’ This is one of those bigger ideas that will enable you to build and grow your wealth faster. What I’m about to tell you is probably one of…

Invest Here. Or At Least Visit.

20% of your wealth gone in one day? That’s what happened on Black Monday in 1987 in the US. In case you’re thinking, “Oh, that’s just a US problem, that doesn’t concern me.” Then, let me show you what else…

Don’t Buy Stocks – Buy A Vacation Home

Last Friday, the market saw a 2% decline. It made big news… people are still talking about it today. Perhaps this shows how powerful the news system is – they can make a story out of anything. Or perhaps it…

Don’t Let These Guys Determine Your Future

Often times we assume that those in power or in a position to teach are the most qualified for the job. However, that’s often far from the truth.

This Investment’s Door Just Opened a Little More

This investment’s door just opened a little bit more… but even without this new development, Colombia is still a very attractive investment.

Do You Run People Over, Or Hold Their Hand?

It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure your success – it’s how you treat other people. You can ignore them, run them over, or help them.

They Built A Railroad. What Are You Building?

How are you spending your time? Are you building something? Are you taking advantage of all the amazing resources and opportunities we have?