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Choosing Your Investment Battles

January 27, 2017


Choosing Your Investment Battles


Choosing your investment battles is probably the first thing any investor should first consider.

If you’re looking to invest in a certain area, who are you going to be competing against?

Are you going to be up against professional traders who use a Bloomberg Terminal that costs well over $20,000 a year to use?Choosing Your Investment BattlesOr are you going to be trading stocks against the “Trump and Dump Bot?”  

Seriously, this bot is “a computer program that automatically shorts stocks based on Trump’s tweets. Created by the advertising agency T3, the software extracts companies named in the president’s tweets and analyzes their sentiment. If the tweet is deemed negative, the bot will short the stock within seconds and then send an alert to T3.”

This bot analyzes the sentiment of a tweet in less than 20 milliseconds! Can you do that? I don’t think so.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t trade stocks. I’m just pointing out areas of the market that you should be cautious about.

If you think you can do high-frequency trading based off of President Trump’s tweets, then you’ll be up against a computer that can think (and execute a trade) way faster than you can even sneeze.

To truly separate yourself from competition, you’ve got to look for uncrowded areas. You’ve got to look for big upside while avoiding competitors who will be stealing your profits from the advantages that they have.

And that’s where your advantage comes in. All of those big time stock traders and major investors that have piles of cash to burn through can’t invest in a lot of areas. This is because certain investments don’t scale very well.

For example, if a hedge fund wanted to invest $500 million into Russia, then they’d probably go buy a bunch of Russian stocks.

If you wanted to invest in Russia, you could go buy an apartment or some type of real estate.

You, as an individual investor might be able to double your money. But, you’re doing it on a small scale.

The hedge fund with $500 million dollars probably won’t double their money with Russian stocks, but they have no other choice. They can’t go into Russia and buy a bunch of real estate. It’s just not a scalable process.

However, real estate is not the only example here. There are many publicly traded stocks that big investors won’t buy either. That’s because smaller companies have small market capitalizations.

Some publicly traded companies only have a market cap of $100 million, which represents the total sum of all outstanding shares.

A hedge fund looking to invest $500 million can’t invest in small companies because they’d completely distort the company’s value.

Again, that’s where your advantage comes in. You can invest in these smaller companies that the ‘big boys’ avoid.

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