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Bitcoin or Tires. Comparing Risk.

If I had a Bitcoin for every email I’ve received asking me about Bitcoin… well… let’s just say you probably wouldn’t be hearing from me right now.

Why You Should Have A RIC Cache For Your Investments

The key is how you react (your actions) and what you react with (your equipment and resources).

Most importantly, it’s how you prepare to deploy these reactions.

Know When To Sit, When To Hold, And When To Walk Away

There is a stock we bought that has almost doubled in price in two months. Many E/P members are asking if they should hold or sell.

My response: You can’t go poor by making a profit.

Are You An Underdog Investor?

If you think you are going to be the underdog investor over the next five years, you should either readjust your expectations or…

HUGE News In The Cannabis Investing World

In 2016, California voted to legalize recreational marijuana. This means that the 6th largest economy in the world would allow everyone to buy, grow, and consumer marijuana.

That’s a big deal.

But… I think this is WAY bigger.

I hate to over-sensationalize this, but I think this is a big, BIG deal.

Forget The P/E Ratio – This Is The New Ratio To Look At…

And that is what is happening again today… Investors are valuing companies based off of a ‘price-to-fantasy’ ratio. Which is exactly that – a fantasy!

The “Little Investor” Mistake That You Can Avoid (Invest In… Art?!)

Investing is very difficult. The problem is that you don’t realize this until you’ve lost a lot of money! Check out this other investing option.

Corruption Is Good For Blockchain

Corruption is good for blockchain. Actually, the real quote is “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Which basically means, “when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it.” And that is…

A Look At What HNWI’s Are Doing

Globally, almost 70% of HNWI’s are self-made, so it’s safe to say that these people know how to make and grow their money. Where are they investing?

BTFD – How Is ‘Less Bad’ Actually ‘Good?’

“Sixty-eight percent [of investors] now say they are optimistic about the stock market’s performance during the next year, matching the record high for the question from December 1999 and January 2000.”